Selective licensing Package Oxford City

What is a Selective licensing?

There is a new city wide licensing scheme starting 1st September 2022 – this covers all privately rented homes and means landlords will have to apply for a licence to operate, this and the HMO licensing scheme mean that all homes ( both HMOs and non HMOs ) will require a licence. There is an early bird discount scheme operating where landlords will get a discounted fee if they provide certain documentation – including an EPC , the EPC currently has to be E or above

When does it begin?

The Selective Licensing scheme will come into effect on 1 September 2022 and end on 31 August 2027 (midnight).

From 1 September 2022 to midnight on 30 November 2022, the Council will run a three month “early bird” scheme for applications.  The important requirement for landlords / agents / persons managing or controlling a house is to “duly make” an application – once the application is made, it is with the Council for processing and your licence will follow.

The application process for a Selective Licence will be:

  1. An application form, declaration must be completed, and stage 1 application fee must be paid. These three items are required for a duly made application.
  2. Landlords can send the gas safety certificate, electrical safety certificate and EPC with the application. These documents will be needed to qualify for the discounted licence fees.
  3. The application form, declaration and fee are checked, together with any other documents sent.
  4. A draft Selective Licence will be sent (this is called an “intention notice”). At this point, the stage two fee must be paid. Any eligible discount will be applied to the stage two fee. You can also make comments about the proposed conditions (these are called “representations”). There will be a minimum of 14 days to pay the stage two fee and make the representations.
  5. Any representations are considered and if needed, changes made to the licence.
  6. The actual licence is then issued. Licences will be issued for five years from the date of issue, not from the start of the scheme.
  7. The property will be prioritised for inspection.
  8. If you disagree with the licence conditions, you can appeal to the First-tier Tribunal within 28 days of receiving the actual licence.

Full details of the upcoming License scheme can be viewed here on the Oxford City Councils Website Click here

Selective licensing Pack – What is included?


1 – Current Domestic EPC (Energy Performance Certificate)

We will provide you with an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) required as part of your Oxford City Council selective licensing application

2 – 2D fire safety floorplan

Part of the requirement for completing your selective Licensing Application is to have “details of fire escape routes and other fire safety training provided to occupiers” we will provide you with a 2D floorplan providing locations of smoke alarms, CO2 alarms, fire escape routes & fire extinguishers as required by Oxford City Council during your Selective licensing application

Optional Extras

3 – PAS2035 Condition survey & retrofit EPC – Trust-mark Approved

If you wish to apply for funding to improve the energy efficiency of your property most Government backed schemes will require you to have a Pas2035 Retrofit EPC & Condition survey completed you can read more details click here

4 – 3D Virtual Tour (Digital Twin)

Commission us to complete a 3D Virtual Tour of your property. We use the latest 3D tour technology to facilitate virtual inspections, property marketing you can even take measurements of walls, windows & doors directly from your Digital Twin saving you time and money with reducing visits to the property for contractors & inspectors alike.