Site Procedure for occupied and empty properties

1. Are all Occupants well and have no Coronavirus Symptoms?

Yes​ – Visit can continue
No​ – Visit to be postponed

2. The safest way for all parties involved is for the occupier to vacate the property (if occupied) for the duration of our visit. We are happy to call the occupier once our visit is complete and inform them they can return to the property.

3. Upon arrival we will call the occupier (if contact number provided) prior to entering the property (e.g. from the car) checking that all occupants are still well and nobody has any signs of Coronavirus.

4. We will Explain the purpose of the visit and what it will entail, with particular focus on the additional safeguards designed to minimise infection.

5. When conducting EPC will talk through the layout of property e.g. Location/presence of a loft hatch, any extensions, the main heating (boiler) location, secondary heaters, Gas or Elec meter locations, LPG/Oil tanks etc. All in an effort to maximise the efficiency of the assessment within the property.

6. We ask if internal doors and access panels can be left open, to minimise contact of door handles whilst undertaking the assessment and that surfaces have been cleaned with household cleaning products in line with public health advice.

7. We will wash our hands immediately upon entering the property, using separate towels or paper towels which will be washed or disposed of safely after use. We will also put on clean disposable protective gloves prior to entering the property and a face mask will be worn if the property is not vacant.

8. If the Occupier could then vacate whilst we undertake our visit this would be our preference, if the occupants need to stay in please move to a convenient ‘designated’ room (e.g. living room) taking any pets with them. If the property is open plan, then social distancing rules should apply. a. If a tradesperson(s) is present – either ask to leave property or use the designated room approach. If neither approach is possible we will abort the assessment and reschedule.
Thank you for your understanding.

Yours Sincerely

Merlyn Lyons

E8 Portal Ltd trading as E8 Property Services
Prama House,
267 Banbury Road
Tel: 01865 339 535